Auditions Are Not a Practice Space

Success is not created by accident. It comes to those who make strong personal choices, have steadfast dedication, and take consistent positive action toward their goals. If you look at Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, or Kobe Bryant, they have a lot in common. Each made smart choices that culminated in creating their success. Each possesses the mandatory curiosity and conviction that drive them to always up their game. They never rest on their success.

There are no excuses in life. You choose to do something, or you choose not to. Life evolvement is taking full responsibility for your choices. Is your hard work paying off? Or do you always seem to be falling short? If you are not creating success, then it’s time you began to make different choices.

Pursuing a dream involves change. That scares most people, as it forces one to face fears and admit doubt. Yet a true competitor thrives on change, excels at facing fears, and exhibits the courage to strengthen any weaknesses.

Those who manifest success don’t allow themselves to become victims of life or make excuses for their lack of achievement. They own their truth and make the appropriate adjustments to get them to their goals.

In working with NBA players, I tell them, “It’s what you do in between the games that will determine your success on the court.” This also holds true for actors.

It’s what you do in between auditions that will determine your success in being mentally, spiritually, and intellectually ready to capitalize and be competitive when it’s game time. Many actors use auditions as their practice and wonder why they are not booking jobs. They walk in as bench players, not as starters.

Besides a stellar personal craft, it is vital to develop a strong mindset. Doubts are simply a byproduct of negative thinking. And negative thinking is a sign that one must work on strengthening one’s self-worth.

Make the powerful decision to master a positive thought process. This needs to be done until positive thinking becomes your natural state of being—so it becomes “as is.”

Surround yourself with those who are successful and happy in their chosen field—those who are connected to the higher purpose of doing what they do. Those individuals will want your success as much as their own.

Remember, like attracts like. Find a way to raise your own vibration so you are recognized by those who have the power to help you open those big, heavy doors that once appeared closed but, with your choice, have decided you are ready to open them.

Constance Tillotson is the CEO of Sterling Studio, an acting and film studio for children and adults. She is an acting-motivational coach to award-winning actors and NBA players. She is also a managerat LA Management.