How This Actor Navigates a Crowded Market

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Photo Source: Courtesy Grace Maltman

Grace Maltman is a London-based actor who stays driven by honing her craft at every turn.

It’s all about the highs and lows.

“As I grew up, I became intrigued with acting and the unexplainable satisfaction that came with watching an actor [welcome] the audience into their world. I have had a rocky relationship with acting and have been [frustrated] at times; but also, [it has been an] exciting part of my life.” 

Prepare, then be in the moment.

“I do my script work, learn the lines, and analyze the text as far in advance as possible. Then, on the day, I stop thinking about it entirely. I trust that I have prepped sufficiently and bring myself in a present state to the audition. I need to be ready to play and be emotionally available in the moment, not overthinking if I have interpreted the character right.”

Bring what’s uniquely you to every audition.

“Don’t approach a casting [call] trying to guess exactly what the casting director is looking for. Give them your strongest acting choices that show you as an actor rather than who you think you should be portraying.”

Use what you have available for your reel.

“I used to think having lots of short clips on your reel to show variety was the way to go. But I’ve realized now that if you’re starting off in the industry and don’t have much footage to showcase, just one or two videos that show good acting (while looking professional) is better by far than a bunch of ‘at home’-looking videos.”

Work with creatives around you to learn your craft.

“I live in London, one of the most saturated markets for actors, making it, at times, feel impossible to be seen or heard. Yet, the abundance of actors and creatives means I’ve found some of my most fulfilling acting and filming experiences through meeting young creatives. Working on projects is the most amazing way to hone your craft [and] play as an actor in a low-stakes environment. The pressure is off as you’re all learning together.”

This story originally appeared in the June 8 issue of Backstage Magazine.