How Backstage Got This Actor a Film Gig Without an Audition

Photo Source: Maurice Gutierrez

For over 10 years now, Cassandra Seidenfeld has been a loyal Backstage user, with an impressive string of booked gigs to prove it. And she isn’t slowing down—through Backstage, she’s just been cast in a film project, “War & Peace.”

A closed door may still lead to something better.
“I auditioned for [a film] in December 2017, which I did not get, and the director remembered me and cast me in [‘War & Peace’]. I believe the key to success is preparation, perseverance, and networking.”

Swiftness in submissions is vital.
“It is necessary to keep your stats current so the criteria for submissions is correct, as well as to submit yourself right away. Even though there are a lot of breakdowns, there aren’t an unlimited amount of jobs. Acting quickly gives you the best chance to be considered by casting.”

Nothing beats connections with fellow artists.
“I have built numerous relationships with casting directors, filmmakers, theatrical producers, producers, and actors through Backstage. Many of these relationships have segued into job referrals by word of mouth. These recommendations are invaluable.”

The words on the page are an actor’s lifeblood.
“I am so moved by [the writer of ‘War & Peace,’] Viktoria I.V. King. I knew when I read her previous script, ‘Echoes in Silence,’ it would be a privilege to work with her. ‘War & Peace’ delves even deeper into its characters’ lives and, for an actor, that is the breath of doing.”

When it comes to acting gigs, don’t box yourself in.
“Typically, I look for a range of roles. I love quirky characters, comedic types, dramatics, uncouth femmes, characters with impediments, and even deep psychological thriller-types. I’ve also been submitting to the girl-next-door roles, because I am she.”

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