Backstage Readers' Choice Awards Coming Soon!

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The 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards are coming!

That’s right! The awards selected by you, the Backstage reader, will return this summer with nominations opening up July 4 and running through July 17. This will be your opportunity to nominate the best of the men and women who are helping you pursue your dreams—from acting coach to improv to headshot photographer. But please: Do your favorites a favor and learn how to spell their names correctly. Misspelled names could mean the difference between a nomination or being left off the list!

After nominations are tabulated and the nominees announced July 21, the voting process will open July 25 and close Aug. 7, with winners announced in the Sept. 1 issue. Be sure to vote for the people you nominated, and spread the word! This is your chance to help out future aspiring actors by giving your seal of approval!

Keep checking for more information on submitting nominations.

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