How Brands Can Use UGC to Create Great Original Content

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Photo Source: Backstage

The coronavirus brought the world to a halt. Every industry has been affected—some were completely shut down while others needed to be re-imagined on the fly. For the world of production, it was both. In-person casting and production had to stop due to social-distancing guidelines while people got creative with the digital options available. While many creative projects can be postponed until in-person shoots become a widespread reality once again, most brands don’t have that option—they need to continue to create and share new content to meet their business goals. Backstage provides brands with the opportunity to find and cast the right talent for user-generated content to best reach brands’ target audiences. In fact, it simplifies the whole process.

So where do you start? Backstage’s whitepaper on the topic can help you understand how this approach can work for you. You’ll learn:

  • Why you can and should use UGC now.
  • Exactly How to cast and produce UGC, especially when in-person production is not an option.
  • Why UGC and this production approach will continue to be used when the time of COVID-19 quarantine and distancing measures has ended.

Access the whitepaper here, and get ready to start creating.