OK, Actors: What Is Your All-Time Best Audition Advice?

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What's your best audition advice?
As cities start to reopen and actors are returning to auditioning in person, we wanted to ask you: What’s the best advice you would give to someone trying to become better at auditioning? 

“Particularly, do you have any advice for returning to auditioning after taking a break, which can come with additional challenges actors wouldn't face if they hadn’t needed to pause due to the pandemic?” —BuellerFerris

Help! Need advice for delivering professional corporate voiceover reel… 
I am new to voice acting and voiceovers. My specific niche I am targeting is corporate instructional and corporate voiceovers (local, web, national commercials). I am open to all work presented, but this is my core focus that I am dedicating the bulk of search to.

My question is this: Should I do multiple takes in various styles (i.e. accent, pace, tone, etc.) for voice reel submissions? I have a pretty wide range of available presentations (from typical corporate to more adventurous and even Southern Dixie).

“Being respectful of a casting director’s time and their swarm of applicants applying, I want to offer a variety of range without being overpowering. Any advice?” —CommercialVoiceGuy

Video reel?
Hi! So I want to audition for some roles (specifically a commercial right now), but it says to include a video along with the other information I have to fill out. I have no experience. What do I do?” —anonymousactress

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