The Best Disney Audition Songs for Men

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When you think of Disney ballads, you may automatically jump to songs like “Colors of the Wind” and “Let It Go”—but the family classics have tons of fantastic material for male performers to audition with, as well. Here are seven Disney songs for men to use at their next audition.

“Hellfire,” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
Originally sung by British actor Tony Jay, this villainous ballad is outrageously powerful and calls for a performer with real vocal stamina. Just try singing a few bars and you’ll understand!

“Everything That I Am,” from “Tarzan: The Musical”
This Broadway musical might not have been a complete smash, closing just after finishing a year-long run, but it did give us this emotional Phil Collins’ ditty. Take one listen and you’ll want to belt it in front of CDs, producers, directors—heck, everyone!

“Jack’s Lament,” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Aside from this being one of the best Disney flicks ever, “Jack’s Lament” is a great audition song for someone wanting to show he can play interesting characters. You can both speak and sing parts, showing a different kind of range—not just vocal. Plus, you get to watch one of Tim Burton’s classic films again as character research. Win!

Fun fact: The song was originally sung by the film’s composer, Danny Elfman.

“If I Never Knew You,” from “Pocahontas”
Though this is a duet between John Smith and Pocahontas, there are plenty of beautiful bars to single out for an audition. Channel your own experiences of love and loss and sing your heart out!

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“Bare Necessities,” from “The Jungle Book”
Looking for something a little upbeat and fun? This classic from 1967’s “The Jungle Book” stands the test of time and allows your personality to come through in the audition room!

“Be Prepared,” from “The Lion King”
This song from the villainous Scar is another one that calls for powerful vocals. It’s also a great one if your voice is a little raspy. It’s a high-energy number, so be prepared to keep it up the whole way through if you choose this one.

“Gaston,” from “Beauty and the Beast”
Surely one of the most memorable songs from one of the most memorable Disney films, “Gaston” is sung by LeFou, Gaston’s bumbling little sidekick. It’s quick, humorous, and there are plenty of great verses for you to make your own in the audition room.

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