Best Social Media from the Golden Globes

Though the Golden Globes came in on time and offered some hilarious moments, some of the funniest bits were happening on social media platfroms like Twitter. Within minutes, photos were up of Mel Gibson's odd expression during Jodie Foster's speech and an animated GIF of Glenn Close pretending to be drunk. Below, a collection of the best tweets noticed during the ceremony.

Amy ‏@spooloflies: You KNOW Amy Poehler tried to get that shot w/ Clinton and he didn't go for it. I GUESS CLOONEY'S AN ACCEPTABLE SECOND CHOICE. #GoldenGlobes
After Poehler was shown canoodling with Clooney when her name was announced as a nominee.
Seth MacFarlane ‏@SethMacFarlane: Tommy Lee Jones laughing uproariously at Wiig and Ferrell. I'm told this is also his sex face.

Devin Faraci ‏@devincf: "LIFE OF PI is just WE DROWNED A ZOO." - @scoleribros

Erik Patterson ‏@erikpatterson: Do you think JLo & Ben Affleck are avoiding each other tonight, or do they reminisce about the whole Benniffer thing? #GoldenGlobes
Alex-jon Earl ‏@alexjon: Argo won and not Lincoln? THIS IS THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO LINCOLN IN ANY THEATER EVER!
Chad Lowe ‏@ichadlowe: Dearest @lenadunham YOU COMPLETE ME
After Dunham thanked Lowe in her speech because Hilary Swank forgot in her Oscar acceptance speech for "Boys Don't Cry."
ChristopherMcQuarrie ‏@chrismcquarrie:My agent has suggested I back off the globes comments if I ever intend to pander for one.
Michelle Kane ‏@mishysmosh: Let's see how Julia Roberts manages to make this about her.#GoldenGlobes
As Roberts came out to introudce best picture, drama.