When Is the Best Time to Email Agents? Backstage Readers Tell Us

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You already know Backstage is the go-to for any and all information pertaining to your craft. But now, you have the chance to get in on the action with the Backstage Community Forum. Here, you can engage with others in your industry, as well as teachers, experts, and, yep, even agents and casting directors. Below are some of this week’s most interesting new topics; drop a reply or post a new thread. Either way, fire up that keyboard and get involved right here!

Best time to email agents and managers?
“I’m looking to send out my materials in hopes of landing a manager and/or agent. I read somewhere that it’s best to hold off and do it in between Nov. and Dec 25. Is that the way to go? Would I be better served [sending] out emails now or wait until Nov.?” —theatreguy

Demo reel?
“What is the best way to start/create a demo reel? Especially, if you don’t have a lot of experience with speaking roles? I have mostly featured background work, but would like to start submitting to jobs and postings that require a demo reel.” —itsbrielleb

Are There Great Acting Classes to Take for the Sake of Business Over Craft?
“So I’m in a situation where I’ve take some acting classes around town and ended up finding one that was a total game changer for me as far as the craft goes. Over the span of 3+ years in this class, my work radically improved and I developed an approach and philosophy towards the work that I firmly believe in and expect I’ll be defending it for the rest of my life.

“Having said that, my dilemma is that there was no business or career focus in this class, and the work and prep that was asked of the students was largely individual and private, meaning there wasn't the usual rehearsing, meeting outside class, or even talking to other students about the work. This resulted in mostly career stagnation for 3 years, despite honing my craft like never before. I take a lot of the blame for the stagnation, but still there wasn't the usual student networking, the industry professional pop-ins or casting director showcases that some other classes have to get their students on set.

“So now my (potentially hopeless) question is: are there any classes out there that would actively improve a student’s chances of getting seen or on set, even if there's no interest in learning a new philosophy or approach? This could be through either strong CD endorsements of the teacher, workshops, showcases, teacher/producer/director, or any other class structure with the intentional purpose of getting the students seen and on set?” —Roark

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