Make at Least $10,000 Narrating a Spanish History Podcast + More Bilingual Acting Jobs

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For those who can speak several languages and are searching for bilingual jobs, you’ve come to the right place. Every week, we update this roundup to include the latest casting calls in the industry for bilingual speakers, ESL speakers, and more. From a high-paying podcast on recent Spanish history to a short film about wrestling, these are today’s biggest gigs.

“A Good Day Will Come”

Join the cast of “A Good Day Will Come,” a short film that will be shot entirely in Farsi that follows a professional wrestler with dreams of representing his country and winning gold at the Olympics. Talent, aged 18–65, is wanted for leads and supporting roles. The actor playing the lead role must be able to wrestle. Filming will take place in November or in February in Turkey, Jordan, or Greece. Pay, accommodations, and per diem will be provided.

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Narrative Podcast Bilingual VO

Audiation, Inc. is seeking talent for bilingual podcast work. A female voiceover actor who is fluent in both English and Spanish, age 18 or older, is wanted to narrate a podcast about recent Spanish history. Talent will work remotely. Pay is $10,000–$15,000 for an estimated 20 days of work.

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“Yujin’s Cookbook”

Casting is underway for “Yujin’s Cookbook,” a short film where a South-Korean immigrant learns to reconnect with her South Korean culture as she cooks for a friend’s terminally ill grandmother. Three Korean-American female actors, age 18–80, are wanted for leads and supporting roles. Two of the three actors must speak Korean. Filming will take place on Nov. 4–7 in Chicago, Illinois. Pay is $150–$600 for four days of work.

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Flamingo Early Learning, Spanish-Speaking Role

Creative Works is seeking a Spanish-speaking actor with teleprompter experience, age 20–70, to become a spokesperson/guide for an early learning course from Flamingo. Talent will work from Aug. 22–Sept. 9 in Gainesville, Florida. Pay is $350 per day for up to five days of work.

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Untitled Horror/Fantasy Short Film

Casting is underway for a horror/fantasy short film that follows a group of five girls who speak different languages and wake up in a cabin in the middle of the woods, not knowing where they are. Three bilingual female actors (languages unspecified), aged 22–36, are wanted at this time. Filming will take place in California with the exact location and dates TBD. Pay is $350 per day for up to five days of work with meals provided.

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“Surviving the Moon”

Eyematic Films is seeking English- and Italian-speaking actors in Italy, aged 15–60, for various roles in “Surviving the Moon,” a feature film. Filming will take place in Napoli and Rome with possible filming in other countries. Pay is TBD (likely profit share). 

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“Crazy Rent”

Casting is underway for “Crazy Rent,” a comedy short film set in modern-day L.A. Three Korean-fluent actors, aged 20–65, are wanted for roles in the film, including the lead role of Lee Joon Tae. Filming will take place this fall in Tampa, Florida. Pay is $75–$350 with travel within the U.S., meals, and accommodations provided.

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“Le Blanche Dimanche ’75”

Casting is underway for the feature film “Le Blanche Dimanche ’75,” a crime caper set in the 1970s about several criminal organizations who are all trying to get their hands on a painting: the titular Blanche Dimanche. French and English-speaking talent, aged 18–80, is wanted for several leads and supporting roles, including Clara, Rosaline, The Romanian, and more. Rehearsal and filming will take place in London with dates TBD. Pay will be determined closer to production.

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