Can Actors Have Piercings in Their Headshots?

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Piercings and Headshots:
“Hey all! I've seen a lot of forums about what and what not to wear, what colors you shouldn't wear, as well as how to style your hair and make-up. However little to nothing on piercings. Which, if any at all, could be allowed to be worn in headshots?

“While I've only got my earlobes pierced and a nose piercing, is it safe to assume, like make-up, you should you not wear any at all as they could be nothing more than a distraction?” —Kasta

Agent Acting Class Showcase:
“Newish actor here looking to get an agent. I know all about the scams that are workshops and I don't want to do that. What I am looking for is acting programs that have a showcase built into their program, like at the end. I know some college programs have them, but I'm not looking for a degree. I'm not looking to take classes for years before getting an agent, but I am also not thinking it's gonna happen next week. Not afraid to put the work in.

“Anyone know programs that gave this? (Los Angeles-based)” —LaMancha

Can an online masterclass go on my résumé?
“Hi there! I'm taking advantage of the online learning platform and have signed up for various classes offered through So far, I'm in the middle of the masterclass offered by both Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Mirren.

“My question is: Is there any reason why these classes can't or shouldn't go under the education and training section of my résumé? I understand that I don't have the one on one benefit working in a physical classroom receiving instant feedback, but I am getting a lot out of these and would like to know if a CD or someone saw it, would they acknowledge it at all? Or sort of scrunch their nose at it?” —wallscribble

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