Have You Fired Your Agent? Share Your Experience!

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Can you fire your agent?
“I have an agent that I signed a two-year contract with, but they give me, like, one audition every four–five months. When I have emailed them asking for auditions, they have told me they don’t have time for me. Is there a way to drop an agent that basically never provides me with any auditions, even if I have a contract with them?” —FlyGuy

Leveling up: Do the same rules apply these days?
“I feel as if I'm stuck in co-star jail. I am a comedic actor with over 20+ co-star credits and one guest star credit (on a one-hour drama), but seem unable to level up. It used to be that passing on co-stars sent a clear message to casting and your team that you are ready to level up, but these days that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm with a pretty big agency and have been with them for five years. Is it because of the numerous co-stars on my résumé? Any advice is greatly appreciated.” —LaunchpadMcQuack

How is Beth Behrs not a top lead in “The Neighborhood,” CAA?
“So Beth Behrs comes off a hit show, has just built a reputation, and now she's on a new sitcom—and she’s not even mentioned in the promos?

“Is this what we call ‘riding the wave’?” —Paladin

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