CASTING ALERT: A Music Video Wants a Contortionist Dancer + More California Roles

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Photo Source: Photo by Anderson Miranda from Pexels

In California, you can find plenty of great opportunities this week. A performance music video is looking for a dancer with contortion skills while a Porsche-inspired photo shoot needs a female model. Levi’s vintage line is looking for models for a 1970s-themed shoot and more!

A performance-driven music video is seeking male and female talent, aged 18–30, for a lead role as a dancer and contortionist. “Mytamorph” combines dance and body contortion and hypnotic visual effects. The production wants talent with improvisational dance and contortion skills, especially strange and off-kilter styles. Rehearsals start in April in Burbank, California with shooting to follow. Talent will be paid $350 per day with meals provided. Apply here!

A Porsche-inspired photo shoot is looking for female talent, aged 18–28, to model with a car. Shooting takes place in Los Angeles on April 6. Talent will be paid $1,500 for the day. Apply here!

A period fashion shoot for a Levi’s Vintage Clothing lookbook needs models for lead and background roles. The shoot’s theme comes from the Artists’ SoapBox Derby commissioned by the MOMA San Francisco in 1975. The production is looking for white and multiracial male talent, aged 18–30, with medium to long hair to play a soapbox racing artist, white, black, and multiracial female talent, aged 18–26, with medium or long hair to play another soapbox racing artist, and more. Shooting will take place in San Francisco, California between May 30–June 3. Talent will be paid $100–$800 per day plus meals. Apply here!

A comedy sketch for Bleacher Report and House of Highlights is casting black talent to play lookalikes of LeBron James’ children. The production is looking for male talent, aged 13–18, to play Bronny James, male talent, aged 12–16, to play Bryce James, and female talent, aged 5–10, to play Zhuri James. Shooting will take place in April in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid with travel and stipend provided. Apply here!

A film about energy companies using technology to run green energy programs is seeking talent for non-speaking roles. The production is looking for female talent, aged 28–38, to play a homeowner interacting with solar panels and her phone, and male talent, aged 35–45, to play a mature, working-class wind turbine technician. Shooting will take place in San Francisco, California. Talent will be paid a day rate plus food and travel. Apply here!

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