CASTING ALERT: Appear on a New CBS Talk Show + More L.A. Gigs That Need Talent

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This week, appear on CBS or take a working vacation to the desert. A music video for a popular EDM artist is casting talent to shoot a concept based on a desert road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. A trivia game show for a mobile format is casting contestants for the pilot. Another new television show is seeking contestants with real relationship problems. And a lifestyle commercial for a membership club in Palm Desert, California is casting talent with tennis and golf skills. Set up an audition time today.

“Breakthrough with Steve Perry,” a reality talk show premiering on CBS, will feature “outgoing guests who need help repairing relationships in their life.” The production is seeking male and female talent, aged 18 and older, with real conflicts in their lives to participate in the show as guests. Shooting takes place on Dec. 16. Participants will be paid $500 per story. Apply here!

A music video for a popular EDM producer and artist is casting talent for a shoot in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as along Route 66. The fun and colorful video will capture the joy of a road trip through the desert. The video is casting the leading roles of Bing Bing, for an East Asian female actor, aged 20–25, and Fa Fa, for East Asian female talent, aged 20–28. They’re two young women from Shanghai, so talent should be Korean, Chinese, or Japanese, 5’4”–5’9” and 100–130 pounds. Other available roles include Jeni, an American exchange student, for Caucasian female talent, aged 20–27, who is 5’4”–5’9” and 100–130 pounds, and Bryan, the gay best friend, for Caucasian or Asian male talent, aged 20–28, that is 5’8”–6’0” and 140–240 pounds. The production is also casting nonunion background actors and seeking Asian male and female talent, aged 18–74, who will appear in dark monochrome business attire, and male and female talent, aged 18–29, to play party or rave attendees. The leads will be paid $300 per day, plus travel, hotels, meals, and “glam.” Background will be paid $50 for a six-hour day. Shooting takes place on Dec. 20–22. All talent must be based in Los Angeles. Apply here!

A lifestyle commercial promoting a membership club is casting talent for a shoot in Palm Desert, California. The spot will feature a couple “living the good life” while enjoying the benefits of the club, including golf, tennis, dining, and fitness. The production is seeking Caucasian male talent, aged 38–60, and female talent, aged 35–55, to play a husband and wife. Real couples are encouraged to apply as well. The production is especially seeking talent with golf and/or tennis skills. Shooting takes place on Dec. 18–19. Talent will be paid $350 per day, plus meals, hotel, and travel stipend. The production will pay for travel from San Diego, California or Los Angeles to the location, but will not accommodate any talent that must travel further than that. Apply here!

An American production set to film in Armenia is casting Los Angeles–based talent that can speak Russian or Armenian fluently. The production is casting male and female talent, aged 18–60, for leading roles for “Popstar TV.” Readings are scheduled to begin immediately and continue through January, and filming will take place in February and March in Armenia. Apply here!

A pilot for a game show is casting contestants for a shoot. Multiple contestants are needed to appear and they should be prepared to “have fun, answer some trivia questions, and compete to win.” Male and female talent, aged 18 and older, is sought. The show will launch on mobile platforms. Shooting takes place on Dec. 20. Apply here!

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