CASTING ALERT: Play the Titular Role in a New Adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’ + More L.A. Gigs

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Photo Source: Walt Disney

Angelenos, this week, there are great opportunities to perform in productions on stages and screen. A new version of “The Little Mermaid” is casting actors for a performance in Glendale, California. An upcoming run of “Sound of Music” in Anchorage, Alaska is casting Los Angeles-based Equity actors. Plus, a thriller is seeking talent in Portland, Oregon. Choose which roles best suit your skills and schedule an audition today!

An original adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” is casting actors. The play, written by Patrick McMahon, is a new take on the fairy tale of a mermaid princess that comes to live on land through magic. The production is casting actors with singing, dancing, and improvisational skills. Female roles include The Little Mermaid, for talent, aged 18 and older, Celia the Fish, for talent, aged 18 and older, The Sea Witch, for performers, aged 18 and older, Cory the Muse, for talent, aged 30–50, and the sirens, for talent, aged 18 and older. Male characters include Mel the Prince, for actors, aged 18 and older, and Silenus, his tutor, for a performer, aged 30–45. The show opens on Jan. 26 at the Glendale Theatre in Glendale, California. An open casting call will take place on Dec. 6. Apply here!

A production of the classic musical “Sound of Music” is casting Los Angeles-based Equity actors for a run in Anchorage, Alaska. The show is casting all roles, including Maria Rainer, for female talent, aged 20–29, and Captain Georg von Trapp, for male talent, aged 35–45. All roles are for actors, aged 18 and older, and a variety of voice ranges. The cast will travel to Anchorage on Feb. 14 for a tech rehearsal the following day. Previews take place on Feb. 19, and the show runs from Feb. 20–24. The cast will return on Feb. 25. Talent will receive an Equity LOA ref WCLO Contract and will be paid $698 per week. An Equity Principal Audition is scheduled for Dec. 7 in North Hollywood, California. Apply here!

A psychological thriller feature is casting Los Angeles-based actors for, “Cavity,” the story of two sisters who are addicted to drugs. One of the sisters has homicidal tendencies. The production is casting day player roles for four Caucasian women to play murder victims. Three roles are for actors, aged 18–21, with pale skin, long hair, and no tattoos. These roles require nudity and sexual situations with the female lead. Performers will be paid $2,000 per day and compensated for travel. Another role is for a young female actor, aged 13–16, who must have a parent or guardian on set. This role involves no nudity but does require scenes in underwear and kissing the lead actress. This role pays $2,000 for four days of shooting with travel provided. Shooting will take place in December and January in Portland, Oregon. Apply here!

Three short video tutorials on how to verify your identity online are casting Los Angeles–based talent. The production is seeking female talent, aged 21–30, to play an instructor. The character is “modern, multicultural, and youthful.” The role requires reading and describing instructions from a teleprompter and delivering these lines directly into the camera. Shooting takes place on Dec. 10 in Los Angeles and pays $400. Apply here!