CASTING ALERT: A Production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Needs Talent + More Auditions in Texas and the South

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Take a look at these opportunities in Texas and the South, including joining the cast of a production of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors.” Also Showtime’s “The Good Lord Bird” needs talent for shooting as a photo double and more!

TexARTS Theatre’s production of the musical “Little Shop of Horrors” is casting multiple roles for talent, aged 18 and older. The musical is about a talking plant that eats humans to survive and inspired the film of the same name. Auditions are by appointment on July 23. The production runs from Oct. 4–20 in Austin, Texas. Roles are paid. Apply here!

Showtime’s limited series “The Good Lord Bird” needs male and female talent, aged 18–27, to work as a photo double. The series is about a group of freedom fighters from Kansas in the 1850s traveling across the US to end slavery. The show needs black talent with lighter skin tones and a slim build who are willing to cut hair very short. Shooting is from July 17–Nov. 4 in Richmond, Virginia. Talent will be paid $204 per eight hours of shooting. Apply here!

A short film is seeking female talent for supporting roles. “Butch Queen” tells the story an interracial lesbian couple attending a drag show and dealing with hillbilly cops. The production wants white talent, aged 18–35, to play a wiser, older sibling, and black or multiracial talent, aged 35–60, to play Lisa and Auntie Elsa, two family members. Shooting is on July 20 in Austin, Texas. Talent will be paid $150 for the day with meals and travel provided. Apply here!

A commercial for a local college is looking for male and female talent, aged 18–35, for principal roles as college students. Shooting is from July 23–26 in Dallas, Texas. Talent will be paid, rates pending, including 1-year usage. Apply here!

The feature film “Companion” is casting talent for four roles. The production wants male talent, aged 25–29, female talent, aged 20–25, male talent, aged 18 and older, and male talent, aged 20–40. Shooting is July 27–Aug. 4 in Houston, Texas. Talent will be paid. Apply here!

Mélange Theatre’s production of the play “Saint Somebody” is looking for talent for various named roles. The show wants black male talent, aged 18, female talent, aged 50–59, and more. Auditions are on July 27. Rehearsals start on Oct. 7 with the show running from Nov. 14–Dec. 1 in Austin, Texas. Talent will be paid a small stipend. Apply here!

Product photography for kitchen supplies needs a female talent, aged 25–40, for modeling and hand modeling. Talent will be interacting with products in the kitchen. Shooting is in Austin, Texas. Talent will be paid $500 for a full day of shooting. Apply here!

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