CASTING ALERT: Universal Studios Hollywood Needs Performers + More California Auditions

Photo Source: Photo by Marti Sotto on Unsplash

There are lots of great opportunities for talent throughout California this week. Universal Studios Hollywood is looking for talent with puppetry experience for an ongoing role while a Pride campaign needs LGBTQIA+ rideshare drivers. A series of digital ads for a new tech bracelet is casting female talent and more!

A show at Universal Studios Hollywood is looking for performers, aged 18 and older, with puppetry experience to believably portray a realistic dinosaur handler. Rehearsals begin in early June in Universal City, California. All roles are ongoing seasonal roles. Talent will be paid under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). Apply here!

A Pride campaign is seeking 10 real LGBTQIA+ rideshare drivers working for a company like Uber or Lyft. Talent must be an active rideshare driver with a minimum of four months of experience. Shooting will take place in Los Angeles for one day between April 1–3. Talent will be paid a session fee of $500. A non-guaranteed all-inclusive usage fee of $3,500 may follow. Apply here!

Two digital ads for Embr Labs need female talent. Embr Wave is a wearable tech bracelet that cools or warms the wearer. The two ads will be accompanied by a photo shoot for print and online advertising. The production is seeking talent, aged 35–45, with basic ballet experience to play a mother, female talent, aged 8–13, with basic ballet experience to play a daughter, and female talent, aged 25–50, to play a professional woman in lighthearted, comedic scenes. Shooting will take place in North Hollywood, California on March 30 and 31. Talent will be paid $200–$250. Apply here!

An online video for outdoor dog gear is seeking POC female talent, aged 18–37, comfortable with dogs and outdoor adventures. The production wants a fitness model, trail runner, and outdoor enthusiast. Shooting will take place in Southern California. Talent will be paid $250 per day. Apply here!

A music video for a ‘90s grunge band is looking for Indigenous Peoples male talent, aged 38–70, from a Northwest tribe. Talent will be featured in a scene that is a takeoff of a famous 1970s commercial. Talent will ideally own traditional clothing, but it is not required. Shooting will take place on April 3 at Malibu State Creek Park in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $300 which includes a buyout in perpetuity for the music video. Apply here!

A 30-second local commercial wants female talent, aged 7–11, to play a little girl on a surprise weekend vacation and fit male and female talent, aged 35–45, to play her soldier parent. When the little girl’s parent returns home after active military duty, she reacts with joy and surprise while the parent has subtle yet very warm reactions. Talent will be cast based on their emotional range. Shooting will take place at the DoubleTree Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Pay is negotiable and includes a hotel room either the night before or after the shoot depending on the call time. Apply here!