CASTING ALERT: Teens Needed for Tony-Winning Musical ‘Next to Normal’ + Other Opportunities for Young Actors

Photo Source: Grandstreet Theatre

This week’s roles for young actors brings together auditions across the country for teens and young kids. A production of the Tony-winning musical “Next to Normal” is casting roles for three teens, a feature film is filling background roles for young actors, and the role of a disturbed young boy in an untitled horror film is open for Texas-based talent. Plus, a music video is casting a role for a young boy with basketball skills and a new short film by award-winning director Elias Moreno is casting three roles for a shoot in Texas. Discover which roles work best for you and set up an audition time today.

“Next to Normal,” the off-Broadway to Broadway show that won three Tony awards, is the story of a suburban household coping with mental illness. The production is casting three roles, siblings Natalie, for female talent, aged 16, Gabe, for male talent, aged 18, and Natalie’s boyfriend Henry, for male talent, aged 17. Rehearsals begin on Jan. 5. Performances run from Feb. 15–24 at Third Street Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. AEA members may audition for a Guest Appearance Contract, while nonunion members will be paid a stipend. Auditions will take place by appointment on Dec. 16 and there will be an open casting call on Dec. 17. Apply here!

A feature film is casting background roles for young actors. “Summer Gold” follows the adventures of four friends at an off-the-grid summer camp, where they discover the truth about missing gold from the Civil War. The production is seeking male and female talent, aged 8–18, to appear as background in the film. Shooting is set for January 2019 in Savannah, Georgia. Talent will be paid $64 for an 8 hour day. Apply here!

A short, dramatic sci-fi film is looking nationwide for the role of Megan, to be played by female talent, aged 11–18. “Buried Words” tells the story of Megan connecting with her non-custodial mother through virtual reality, and also caring for her after she suffers a stroke during one of their VR sessions. Auditions will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by appointment on Dec. 19. The film is shooting in January for 3–4 days in Stone Harbor, New Jersey and Philadelphia and Telford, Pennsylvania. Talent will be paid a flat fee of $500 for rehearsals, shooting, and ADR dates. Meals, travel, and lodging will be provided. Apply here!

An untitled psychological horror film about a woman growing to mistrust her neuroscientist caretakers needs talent. The production is currently casting the role Hank for a male actor, aged 7–10. Hank, the subject of brain experiments, lives on a ranch in southern Texas. He loves to eat and is a little vacant and creepy—he stares at people with no trace of self-consciousness. Shooting takes place from mid-February to mid-March. Principal roles will receive deferred pay and points and supporting cast will receive smaller compensation. Travel, meals, and accommodations will be provided. An open casting call is being held in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 15. Auditions are also available by appointment in Austin, Texas on the same day. Apply here!

A narrative music video is searching for young talent. “Trophies” is about three childhood friends, all growing up in poverty, who play basketball together partially as a means to distract themselves. The production is casting the supporting role of T.F. for a young African American actor, aged 8–15. The role requires an intermediate level of basketball proficiency, although scoring accuracy is not important. A moderate level of physical activity will be maintained throughout the shoot and the character will deliver one to three lines of dialogue. Shooting will take place for one day, either between Jan. 19–20 or 26–27. The project pays $175 for 6–8 hours of shooting. Auditions are by appointment on Dec. 16 and Jan. 6 in Los Angeles. Apply here!

A short film from award-winning director Elias Moreno is casting three roles for young talent. “Generacial” tells the story of an innocent 13-year-old African American boy charged with killing his older brother. The production is casting one leading role, Kapri, for African American male talent, aged 10–15. Two supporting roles are also open, one for Danny, Kapri’s thieving older brother, for African American male talent, aged 16–23, and Jacob, for an African American, African, Latino/Hispanic, or ethnically ambiguous male actor, aged 10–18. Shooting takes place from Jan. 25–26 and Feb. 2–3 in Grand Prairie, Texas. Talent will be paid $100. Auditions will take place by appointment on Dec. 16 in Arlington, Texas. Apply here!

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