Do Celebrity Voices Affect the Bottom Line?

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Is there any evidence that the tens of millions of dollars paid to celebrities for the use of their voice results in greater sales?

What if it doesn’t?

Many brand-name advertisers hire A-List celebrities in an attempt to boost sales, likely because they believe if the audience recognizes the actor’s voice they will show up at the theatre or visit their sales room floors and everyone will ride into monetary bliss.

For others it has little to do with sales, ultimately boiling down to an ego boost for their brand – the bigger the star the bigger the boost.

Each person has a unique voice print, celebrity or otherwise, but only a handful have truly distinctive voices that can be differentiated from someone else’s. In many cases the audience may not recognize the celebrity’s voice anyway.

What the average person relates to, what convinces them to buy a product, service, or go see an animated film, is a well-written emotionally fuelled script, imaginative animation, and believable performances.

While some celebrities are at home in the recording booth, most have not been trained how to elicit the same convincing, heartfelt performances they do on-screen in a space about the size of a linen closet.

The journeyman voice actors are the Jacks and Jills of their trade, not only on how to give a performance the audience will relate too but also how to use the tools of the trade to provide their clients with air quality audio files.

Theirs are the voices behind the myriad of other places where we hear a voice but don’t see the actor speaking. They train us, teach us, guide us, make us laugh and, sometimes, even make us cry.

Some do wacky character voices or the traditional baritone announcer. Some are the guys or gals next door, while others educate us. Some are the quintessential caring mothers, or wise fathers. Some are able to portray any or all of the above and more.

With the caliber of professional voice actors available in the marketplace and the internet making it possible to cast talent from afar, more major brands are recognizing that the performance and overall message is more important than the bravado.

Source: Voice Over Times

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