Chan Suffers Back Pain During Filming

Jackie Chan suffered back pain while wrapping up filming of "The Forbidden Kingdom," his first collaboration with Jet Li.

Chan said in his Web blog that he aggravated an old back injury when shooting scenes last week in China that required him to throw someone upward.

The 53-year-old Hong Kong actor said he was "in excruciating pain" when he woke up the next day, and "could barely get myself out of my bed."

Chan said he also felt pain when filming scenes with Li.

"I had to walk down three steps and join Jet Li for one scene, and each time my feet hit the steps, pain shot through my back," he said.

He said the pain had persisted for at least two days.

A separate statement Monday on Chan's Web site said the action star is "recovering nicely."

Chan has suffered numerous injuries during his career. He said in a 2005 interview that he usually feels pain in his waist, knees and shoulders when he wakes up.

"The Forbidden Kingdom," expected to be released in the U.S. next spring, is about an American teen's fantasy journey to ancient China to rescue a mythological monkey king.

"Rush Hour 3," starring Chan and Chris Tucker, was released earlier this month.

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