Class Conscious

I want to thank you and your staff for your Mar. 21 issue, dedicated to acting schools and coaches. I found this issue extremely helpful to my search for an acting group to grow and play with. My brief acting experience came when I was in high school (a long, long time ago). Now after years of working in an office and years of raising a child to adulthood, I find myself once again looking to explore the creative processes of acting.

A couple of years ago a friend suggested a commercials workshop. Well, knowing nothing of workshops (acting, commercials, or whatever), I called, paid my money, and took a class one day a week after work. It took several weeks to find out that I truly do not want to sell anyone's product. It was an interesting class, and I even thought I was probably a bit better than "fair to middlin'" at selling fast food (and I don't even eat the stuff). But, like I said, this type of workshop just isn't for me.

Last year I was referred to another workshop, which not only offered classes in commercial presentation but also beginning, intermediate, and advanced acting. I thought this one looked promising—a group I could start at the beginning with and continue working straight through to whatever the workshop/field had to offer, just so long as I found it fun. I think what I'm looking for most is a way to put a little fun back in my life.

Well, after plunking down my money, an interview with the director, an audit of the commercials class and the beginning acting class, I found myself waiting more than six months to enjoy the company of a serious beginning acting class. Not only was the wait too long for my liking, there were other problems that did not lead to any fun for me. I canceled the entire relationship.

Just when I was ready to give up the entire idea of acting, your wonderful breakdown and listing of schools, coaches, and workshops hit the newsstands. It has allowed me the opportunity to make informed choices instead of relying on suggestions and limited referrals from friends. This issue lists basic information about the schools, coaches, and workshops along with e-mail addresses and phone numbers so that I can contact them directly and ask questions. This issue has taken away the hit-or-miss method that I've employed for the past few years.

With your Acting Schools and Coaches issue, I feel confident in my ability to make better choices for myself in this field. If I am to enter the field of acting, I see I'll have to keep a closer eye on your publication so that I can stay abreast of actors' news, highlights, and information.

Thanks again for the lead.

Renee Johnson

Los Angeles, CA