Are You Committed to an Acting Career?

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Recently, I spoke to a student who had just finished my commercial class. We were discussing what her next step would be. She wasn’t sure what to do so I asked her a few questions. How much did you prepare for the class? How often did you watch your work on the flash drive we recorded in class? Did you take advantage of auditing my other commercial classes? Pretty much her answers told me that she was not really committed to the craft or an acting career. So I suggested that if she wasn’t dedicated enough to do all she could to improve that, maybe she might want to think about finding a career she would feel more passionate about and that she would be happy to do all that was required to excel.

How about you? Do you want or are you committed to becoming a professional actor?

To commit means to carry out or perpetuate an activity or action

To want means to desire or wish to possess or do something.

I believe that wanting something is often a passive act whereas being committed requires consistent action. Action like: on-going training, marketing, networking, promoting and more training. I want a lot of things but I am only committed to a few. We have results consistent with what we are truly committed to, not with things we just "want. It is actions that produce results, not desiring, wishing or wanting.

Ask yourself (and be honest): Are you training with the best teachers for you and dedicating yourself to the craft for extended periods of time? Or is your training an on-and-off thing? Are you taking advantage of everything you can do to learn as much as you can? Or are you just showing up and doing the minimum? Are you networking, interning, promoting yourself, working on marketing? And when you are ready, are doing all you can to get acting work? Do you have a growing resume, great pictures, a professional reel and your team?

This acting business, as you well know, is very competitive. Film and TV auditions and work are often hard to come by. And although many commercials are often about a “look," it also matters that you audition well. Auditioning well takes training and time. But it is not enough to just go to the classes. You have to be committed to learning all you can and to do even more preparation than is required. And if you are passionate about acting then every moment in classes, even the challenging ones, is sucked dry of everything you can get. When you are in love with what you do, you can’t get enough and the time you spend is a joy.

I know stuff happens. You might get distracted, frustrated, disillusioned, run out of money, etc. and you stop for a while. It happens to lots of actors. But if and as soon as you are ready to jump back in, then passionately commit. If you are not willing to give it all you can, many others are.

So take an honest look at how you are approaching your acting training and career. And ask yourself: Are you really motivated? Life is precious. Why not spend it doing something you are truly passionate about? If you have been training and/or pursuing an acting career and are no longer authentically inspired then investigate finding another career you can love where you can be a star. It is YOUR choice. Isuggest you carefully think about not saying you want to be an actor but rather say that you are committed to being an actor.

Carolyne, a casting director, working actress, and director, is considered by agents, casting directors and students, the best Commercial Audition Acting Coach in Los Angeles. Since 1982, the Carolyne Barry Workshops have been one of the most successful, full training Acting Schools. Ms. Barry and her coaching staff have trained thousands of professional actors. The comprehensive acting, commercial, hosting, and musical theatre workshops and the teachers offered in her programs have often been voted the BEST by the Backstage readers. Follow Carolyne on Facebook and Twitter.

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Carolyne Barry
Carolyne Barry was a casting director, working actor, and director considered by agents, casting directors, and students to be the best commercial audition acting coach in Los Angeles.
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