Connections You Make in an Audition Can Further Your Career

Photo Source: Alex Schaefer

A transplant from Germany, Maya Jasmin has been working in New York City consistently with jobs found on Backstage, including her next project, “The Melting Pot,” which she looks forward to for a number of reasons.

Showing up is half the battle.
“I went to audition for a play last summer. I didn’t get the chance to be in that, but as soon as a role opened up for the writer’s next play, I got an email from him and was asked if I would like to join the cast. You never know what an audition [will] bring.”

Her love for performing goes back to her childhood.
“I grew up watching my parents work at the theater and opera house [both] onstage and in the orchestra. It was clear to me at a very early age that telling stories was what I wanted to do.”

Don’t be afraid to make a connection.
“Every film set is a great place to meet other filmmakers, theater makers, and actors, which can definitely lead to [future] projects together.”

The thrill of playing new characters doesn’t get old.
“I always get overly excited when I first get cast [as] a certain character. I’m getting to know a new person in my life, hearing this person’s life story, and creating this person further and adding what I can from who I am.”

Keep your online presence updated.
“[Offer] people your updated résumé and clips, and [make] sure you have several headshots to choose from. Though I have a lot of material saved in my media locker, I make sure to manage what is visible on my profile and what is not. Ask yourself what you want people to see of you when they click on your profile.”

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