Is it Ever Acceptable to ‘Crash’ an Invited Casting Call?

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Is crashing invited calls acceptable?
Alright y’all: What’s the tea on crashing invited calls? Has anyone ever done this before? In a situation where you know when and where an invited call is, and you’ve been emailing the CD but they never got back to you about an appointment, is it kosher to up??= Let me know your thoughts—asking for a friend ;)” —Rose18

Holding sides? 
“This is very basic but I was just having this discussion with someone and wanted to ask around. When in the room for an appointment, do you always hold your SONG sides? Familiar with always holding your scene sides but do you always hold your sheet music or lyrics even if it’s a final callback or a well-known song?” —Yeahyeah

Broadway-style tap class recommendation?
Hey friends,

“I’m looking for any recommendations for good drop-in tap classes that are more Broadway-style tap than rhythm tap. I’m struggling now that Ray Hesselink only teaches one day a week (during my shift at work, so I can never go); advanced beginning/intermediate level.  

“Thanks for any recommendations! I feel like most teachers nowadays are doing more rhythm/flat shoes stuff.” —GotALittleRhythm

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