Crowdfunding New Web Series ‘Peacekeepers’

Photo Source: Courtesy Kickstarter

Project: Web series ‘Peacekeepers

Project Manager: Charlie Reeves

Funds Requested: $60,000

End Date: March 6

Pitch: “ ‘Peacekeepers’ is about a group of personal assistants in New York City who get texts about things before they happen and go about preventing grisly accidents—car crashes, peanut allergies, lion pit mishaps, jumpers on the Queensboro bridge, knife fights, etc etc yadda yadda yadda,” reads the project’s Kickstarter page. “Alana isn’t buyin’ it. She likes the money, but the whole God thing kinda weirds her out…Why can’t they save everybody? If the Peacekeeper she works for IS actually God with an iPhone, why the hell does he need a bunch of twentysomethings to help him divinely intervene?”

The first episode of this well-crafted and twisty sci-fi thriller is already up; the creators are looking for funding for the rest of the series. What really sets “Peacekeepers” apart is that the lead is a woman, played by the kickass co-creator Maria Makenna. As she races around the city to prevent tragedies, the question of how (and why and who) looms ever larger, even as she finds herself in danger.