Your Definitive 2016 Awards Calendar

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Sure, Oscars won’t be handed out until Feb. 26, but that doesn’t mean the year’s film awards season isn’t well underway. Beginning with the announcement of the Gotham Awards, this year’s buzziest, most prestigious movies are jockeying for position among vote-casting industry members. Face it: Hollywood artists giving each other awards is better than Christmas.

Will Damien Chazelle’s movie musical “La La Land” emerge as this year’s big-budget frontrunner? Or will critically acclaimed indies like “Moonlight” and “Manchester by the Sea” take the lead? What about Denzel Washington and Viola Davis’ chances for “Fences,” or Martin Scorsese’s late-in-the-game “Silence”? And which of our favorite TV shows will receive SAG honors? Only time will tell...

Whether you’re a SAG voter unsure of your deadlines, or just a movie buff eager to mark your calendar, here are the most important awards season dates to keep in mind. Stay tuned for further updates in Backstage’s awards season coverage!

October 2016
Oct. 20 – Gotham Award nominations announced

November 2016
Nov. 17 – SAG nomination ballots mailed
Nov. 22 – Independent Spirit Award nominations announced
Nov. 28 – Gotham Awards

December 2016
Dec. 8 – AFI Awards announced
Dec. 9 – Golden Globe nomination ballots due by 10 A.M. PT
Dec. 11 – SAG nomination ballots due by 5 P.M. PT
Dec. 12 – Golden Globe nominations announced
Dec. 14 – SAG Award nominations announced
Dec. 19 – SAG final ballots mailed

January 2017
Jan. 4 – Golden Globe final ballots due by 5 P.M. PT
Jan. 4 – National Board of Review Awards Gala
Jan. 5 – Academy Award nominations voting begins
Jan. 8 – Golden Globe Awards
Jan. 10 – BAFTA nominations announced
Jan. 10 – PGA film award nominations announced
Jan. 12 – DGA film award nominations announced
Jan. 13 – Academy Award nominations voting ends
Jan. 24 – Academy Award nominations announced
Jan. 27 – SAG final ballots due
Jan. 28 – PGA Awards
Jan. 28 – Independent Spirit Award voting begins
Jan. 29 – SAG Awards

February 2017
Feb. 4 – DGA Awards
Feb. 12 – BAFTA Awards
Feb. 13 – Academy Award final voting begins
Feb. 16 – Independent Spirit Awards ballots due by 9 A.M. PT
Feb. 21 – Academy Award final voting ends
Feb. 25 – Independent Spirit Awards
Feb. 26 – 89th annual Academy Awards

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