Director Hackford "Leaps" to Broadway

Variety reports Ray director Taylor Hackford will make his Broadway directing debut with Leap of Faith, a musical version of the 1992 film staring Steve Martin. The show is scheduled to debut during the 2007-08 season.

Beauty and the Beast composer Alan Menken wrote the score for the upcoming musical, with lyrics by Glenn Slater. Janus Cercone, who wrote the original movie, penned the tuner's book. James D. Stern, who produced Broadway adaptations of Hairspray, The Producers, and the soon-to-bow The Wedding Singer, will co-produce.

The musical will draw from the film's storyline, which followed a conman who poses as a faith healer. Ray is also being groomed for a stage adaptation by Benjamin Productions and Baldwin Entertainment Group, but Hackford has declined to take part.