‘Diversity’ is This Week’s Buzzword + More Industry News 6/26-6/30

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“GLOW” is about to be your new favorite show, and Betty Gilpin is about to be your favorite actress.
The show’s co-star got very real about confidence and we love her for it. (Glamour)

Theater jobs do not favor women or people of color.
The first-ever theater diversity study delivers bleak findings for work opportunities and average salaries for anyone working in the theater who isn’t a white man. (Actors’ Equity)

Zand Wagon is here to subvert conventional beauty standards in modeling.
Founded by Kayvon Zand, the agency is dedicated to “breaking beauty barriers by providing visibility to a diverse array of models that span all ages, races, and sexualities.” (Glossy)

The Academy is (finally) getting more diverse.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its 2017 list of invitees, and of the 774 new invitees from 57 different countries, 39% are female and 30% are people of color, major increases in both categories. Actors like Gal Gadot, Riz Ahmed, Priyanka Chopra, Janelle Monaé, Wanda Sykes, and Zoë Kravitz were invited, as well as directors Barry Jenkins, Kim Ki-Duk, Kleber Mendoça Filho, and Takashi Miike. (AMPAS)

Despite how badass they are, the women of “Game of Thrones” get way less screen time than their male counterparts.
Across all six seasons, the 45 male characters were on screen for a total of 2,265.8 minutes while the 22 female characters got 1,205.8 minutes of screen time. (Looker)

Ever wondered what all those movie credits actually mean?
If you have 25 minutes to spare, this video will explain it all. (Digg)

Fast and furious, except for the women.
Michelle Rodriguez used Instagram to announce she may quit the “Fast and the Furious” franchise if the female characters aren’t given more to do. (Instagram)

Reminder: Immigrants, they get the job done.
Immediately following the Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s proposed “travel ban,” “The Hamilton Mixtape” released a killer video for the cover of “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done),” featuring K’Naan, Residente, Riz MC (Riz Ahmed), and Snow Tha Product. Watch below.