A CD Reveals How to Not Doubt Yourself After An Audition

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I should have done it this way. I would have been great if only. I could have done it better.

How many times do you kick yourself when you leave the audition thinking of all the things you could have done? Here’s my question to you: Does it actually help you to beat yourself over the head with all the ways you messed up or weren’t good enough? How many times have you done that and it actually worked to make you better or get you the job?

So why do it?

All of us have become programmed to get out our microscope or magnifying glass – whatever it takes to scrutinize our faults – and look for problems so that we can change them and make them better.

However, I’m going to challenge that notion right here and now.

What if you did NOT have to judge yourself as bad and kick yourself every single time you leave an audition in order to do better the next time?

Wouldn't that be nice? Would it be freeing to walk out of an audition and feel great about YOU no matter what went on in that room?

Feeling good about you, your audition, your acting career, etc. is a choice. It’s not dependent on how you do inside the audition room, or whether the producer played Angry Birds during your audition, or whether your agent doesn’t know what role you played in that episode of "Law & Order," or whether the casting associate you were reading with was monotone and lifeless. Feeling good is a choice that you make about your daily life no matter what goes on in the audition room.

I know, I know. At this point you may be thinking, "That’s easy for you to say, Amy. You don’t know my situation." And that thought right there is what kicks you in the butt after every audition. Your situation, whatever that may be, is what is leading your life, your thoughts, your choices. It’s like your vision for the movie of your life that you are directing.

You’ve experienced how a director’s vision can make or break a great film. How the one key theme that the director has about that script colors ever choice, every costume, every set piece, every shot, etc. That’s what YOU are doing with your life and your career.

You, as director of the film of your life, make choices guided by the vision of your “situation," and therefore you are creating a film that will have to, by virtue of your vision as a director, support your theme. The stronger the director’s vision, the more the audience walks away feeling exactly what the director intended.

So, if you are directing your life, and you have the vision of your situation leading all your choices (consciously or not), your life movie stinks; you feel bad about it; and then you kick yourself after your auditions.

By simply changing your theme, you have the POWER to create a better outcome and to walk out feeling empowered and amazing after every audition – no matter what goes on inside the audition room!

Now THAT’S a film I’d pay to see.

Amy Jo Berman is former Vice President of Casting at HBO and for 14 years has overseen the casting of over 150 films, mini-series, and series. She is the founder of Audition Polish, a membership-based audition coaching program that has helped actors around the globe nail their auditions on the first take. Using her 18+ years of technical audition experience in the casting room, Amy has helped thousands of actors with her tele-classes, private coaching, workshops, and seminars. Amy loves staying in touch with actors on social media. Watch her video acting tips on Youtube, join her Tips On Acting community on Facebook and get her VIP event updates here.


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