Drama League Announces New Spaces in Center

At the recent 29th Annual Musical Celebration of Broadway, the Drama League announced the founding of the Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley Studio Lab and the Joseph and Lauren Pizza Welcome Center, which will both be housed in the League’s new theater center located in Tribeca. The center, at 32 6th Ave., will officially open this spring.

“It’s increasingly rare to come across arts leaders like Stewart, Bonnie, Joe and Lauren. These four individuals have made lifelong commitments to the arts, and their support of the Drama League Theater is just the latest iteration of their enthusiasm for great theater. We are honored to have their names linked with ours in our new home,” wrote Gabriel Shanks, the Drama League Executive Director, in a statement.

The newly announced studio lab will be a space devoted to the development of new plays and musicals, as well as workshops, readings, class, open rehearsals, symposia, panel discussions, and the new Drama League Resident Artists Program. The studio will be equipped with advanced sound and video projection technology. Working as producers, Lane and Comley have garnered five Tony Award nominations and one win, for “Jay Johnson: The Two and Only.” Other shows they have produced include “Priscilla Queen of the Desert,” “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” and “The Merchant of Venice.” Comley also serves on the League’s board of directors.

As part of the new center, the 1920s Art Deco lobby will be completely restored and serve as the welcome center, which will include a Founders Wall, hospitality lounge, and a reservations desk for all events.