How to Embrace Your Inner Geek Through Social Media

For years, I was a “closet geek.” Yup, I was the doll who just had to have the latest technology, and I’d lie awake all night figuring out how my gadget worked. These days my gadgets of choice are social media and the internet. There is nothing wrong with embracing a great app, social media platform, or even attempting to build your own website. Haven't you heard?

Geeks are cool! Just ask Microsoft’s Bill Gates or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! A true geek never stops searching for things to geek about or share with his tribe. So to embrace your inner social media geek, check out these three hip, cool ways to ring it all the way live!

Live tweet! Live-tweeting has definitely upped its game. I’m old school, so back in the day, if you wanted to watch the Miss America Pageant, The NBA Finals, or even your favorite television show, you got some grub, gathered friends, and watched the drama unfold in a family room somewhere.

Hopping on Twitter to live-tweet your favorite show with not only your friends, but also other fans and stars of that show in real time is beyond cool! It’s like being at an online cocktail party without having to get dressed up, put on makeup, or drive on the freeway. It’s fantabulous! Where else could you hang out with a few hundred of your closest friends? It’s fun and can lead to all sorts of things. For most of my life, getting teased about being a nerd really was a buzzkill. However, there was no sweeter revenge when I accidentally created a whole new career as a brand ambassador from embracing my inner geek.

Facebook Live, Snapchat, Periscope, and Vine take it to a whole new level with live-streaming video. These platforms really test your creativity skills. Why? The average viewer has the attention span of two minutes or less. So, if you are a rambling geek, you’ll have to tighten up your communication skills. Leave your audience wanting more instead of clicking out and away.

Build up your social media posts. As a film blogger, I love honoring all things film including anniversaries, tributes to stars gone too soon, festival wrap-ups, and sometimes even a quote or two mixes up the monotony. Don’t agonize over content. What entertains you will most likely engage your followers. Appreciate and embrace geeks in your lane. They may just surprise you and love you back with some retweets and direct messages.

Embrace your inner child. As children, we often have no fears or judgments. We never thought too long about how or who to play with in the schoolyard. Approach your social media with the same mindset Just have a ball! Approaching your social media geekiness with a child’s heart full of wonder, surprise, and excitement will never leave you disappointed, and you’ll always be yearning for more.

Whether you are a social media newbie or a social media rockstar, being a geek and embracing that side will gain you respect among a whole new set of peers and constituents. Like I said… geeks are cool! Now more than ever!

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Carla Renata
Carla Renata is an actor, online radio personality, and blogging/branding expert based in Los Angeles. A graduate of Howard University, with some post-grad work at UCLA, she is the only African-American female actor to recur on four network sitcoms in one season.
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