Ready for Season 3 of ‘Emily in Paris’? Audition for These Gigs

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If your holiday wish is for more “Emily in Paris,” you’re in luck! The third season of the Lily Collins-led series premieres this month on Netflix. With it, fans will get 10 more episodes of their favorite Chicago gal turned Parisian as she navigates her way through professional challenges and personal relationships. While it’s become a much-beloved rom-com, there are plenty more out there for anyone looking for their own love story. Check out these gigs that are casting now. 

“36 Questions That Lead To Love”

This docu-style video series is looking for content creators and real people for its December shoot in Los Angeles. Production is looking for straight men, aged 21–60, senior men and women, aged 60 and above, and more. Pays a flat rate of $300 for an estimated two hours of work.

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Love and Fire Improv: All About Fun and Healthy Dating and Relationships”

An edutainment improv show about fun and healthy dating, relationships, and sexuality is casting for its upcoming run in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota, Florida. Production wants chorus/ensemble members, aged 18–65, of any gender. Pays $50–$100 per day for a 90-minute performance. 

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Five Women Wearing the Same Dress”

City Gate Productions is casting for the Alan Ball play that will run March–April at the Moose Lodge Theatre in Maspeth, New York. Production wants lead female talent, aged 18–30, to play Meredith, lead female talent, aged 25–40, to play Trisha, lead female talent, aged 25–40, to play Georgeanne, lead female talent, aged 25–40, to play Mindy, and lead male talent, aged 22–35, to play Tripp. Each role pays $100 total in annual salary.  

Want this gig? Apply here.

The Untitled Dating App’s Dating Show

This reality TV series is looking for all genders singles who are on dating apps. Talent must be aged 21–45. The show will shoot in 2023 with the location to be determined. There will be pay, and travel and lodging will be provided. 

Want this gig? Apply here.

“Fix It In Post”

This senior thesis short comedy film is casting for its March shoot in Long Island and New York City. The project is looking for a lead male actor, aged 50–70, to play Frank, a supporting female actor, aged 50–70, to play Susan Walker, a male day player, aged 18–25, to play Johnny, and a male model, aged 50–70, to play James Walker. The role of Frank pays $100 per day for an estimated five days of work. The role of Susan Walker pays $100 per day for an estimated two days of work. The roles of Johnny and James Walker pay $50 per day for an estimated single day of work.

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