The Audition Hack That Completely Changed the Game for This Actor

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Esha More has clear-cut methods for finding success as an actor, including an audition prep trick she swears by. 

Find a community to share your successes with. 

“If you’re not careful, it can get lonely. Make it a point to make friends. Working day and night to advance your career can burn you out a lot more quickly than you expect. It’s way more fun to share your success with your friends and your community than celebrate by yourself.”

Small roles can lead to big opportunities.

“Don’t be afraid to take on smaller roles or be part of smaller projects. Connections can spark anywhere. You never know what may come out of an opportunity!”

Try this game-changing audition hack. 

“As soon as I get the sides, I memorize my lines. I outline the C.R.O.W. in the scene (character details, relationships, the objective, and the where). Then I change up the genre, which helps me get out of my head and find any subtext that I might have missed before.”

Be proactive. 

“It gets difficult if you just wait around for narrative work to show up in our industry, so you’ve got to get out there and create. It doesn’t have to be professional quality—just something that gets you excited and helps you collaborate with other creatives.”

Put your reel together with care. 

“I waited until I had enough content to put my best foot forward [to make my reel]. I made sure to pick scenes that showed versatility in the types of characters I’ve portrayed. I also made sure to put some of my more acclaimed work at the beginning. This way, you can quickly grasp a CD’s attention.”

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