Fall in Love With Your Career

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‘Tis the season of love, when our thoughts typically turn to romantic partnerships. But remember to save a dance for your other significant relationship: the one with your career. No doubt you’re passionate about performing, but have you fully embraced the entire actor’s life? If not, take a vow to get in the mood because the more attentive and faithful you are to your career, the better chance it’ll love you back.

It might sound strange to say but acting is just a small slice of the aspiring actor’s life. In fact, you’re likely to spend more time trying to book a gig than actually doing one. And while the time and energy spent doing each of these things will fluctuate throughout a career, this interdependency is the yin and yang of the actor’s life. However, many performers still see the “business” end of things as something separate from the work, decidedly un-fun, even a necessary evil. As an aspiring actor, however, this is flirting with disaster because it sets up the vast majority of our career as unpleasant, maybe something to avoid.

To put it another way, imagine you’re dating someone and you only enjoy their company five percent of the time. How likely are you to make them a priority? In the same vein, if you view the nuts and bolts of the actor’s life as evil, how driven are you to do what’s necessary? In interpersonal relationships, emotions often dictate our decision-making. Maybe the dread in your head about the business end of the actor’s life is cheating you out of your potential.

What could this look like in the real world? Well, maybe it means delaying your own success for no apparent reason, like putting off getting those new headshots, signing up for a scene-study class, or updating your Backstage profile. If this sounds like your current M.O., slip into something more comfortable and get ready to fall in love with your career.

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Here are five ways how:

1. Say “I do.”
Start treating your career like a relationship, because it is. Learn to live with it—you can’t live without it.

2. Realize it takes two.
Start thinking about your career in a holistic way. Nix the notion that there’s the “acting” part of your profession and then everything else. It’s all necessary and worth your devotion.

3. Spend quality time with your career.
Make and keep your dates. Whether it’s an auditioning class or building your social media following, vow to do something necessary every single day.

4. Put a ring on it.
Break up with bad habits and negative people. Both can sidetrack you. Instead, marry yourself to the possible. Commit to your career for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward.

5. Grow bold together.
Approach every aspect of your career as an opportunity to learn and develop both personally and professionally. Use your creative energy to your advantage. Challenge yourself to make the mundane interesting. After all, it’s your role of a lifetime.

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