The 12 Feelings You Experience When You Book a Role

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How can you describe the feeling you get when you land an awesome new gig? It's a role you've come to really want, especially after you gave a stellar audition. But sometimes the feeling can't be described, because it's actually a combination of all the feelings, and you feel them all at once. These are the feelings you experience when you land a role.


2. Disbelief. Who? Me? The lead? You have to be kidding!

3. Pure joy. This must be what it feels like to win a presidential race!

4. Reassurance. I can be a successful actor, just watch me!

5. Invincibility. Watch out! Make way for the STAR.

6. Excitement. Wait…the guy playing opposite me is really hot!

7. Anxiety. Wait…the guy playing opposite me is really hot…

8. Curiosity. I wonder if he’s dating anyone.

9. Pride. I did kill that audition, didn’t I?

10. Satisfaction. Take that, stupid ABC pilot that never called me back.

11. Relief. Guess who won’t be late on rent this month?! ME!

12. Thirst. LET’S PARTY!