2002 Film Awards Spread Out

As the holiday movie season reaches high pitch, a brace of diverse films are jockeying for top position from the various film critics' groups in their annual awards. No less than four different features have been named the best of the year from four different scribblers' societies, indicating this will be a wide-open race for the Oscars this year. The National Board of Review clocked in on Dec. 4 with "The Hours," Stephen Daldry's filmization of Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel as their Best Pic. On Dec. 14, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association chose "About Schmidt," starring Jack Nicholson as a middle-aged father searching for meaning in his life as he heads cross-country to his daughter's wedding. Two days later on Dec. 16, their Gotham counterparts, the New York Film Critics Circle, went for "Far from Heaven," Todd Haynes' glossy tribute to women's pictures of the 1950s. The same day their Beantown brothers, the Boston Society of Film Critics, went in a totally different direction and hailed Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" as the top of the scale.

Also recently announced were the American Film Institute's top ten films of the year and the nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards for non-studio releases (to be presented the day before the Oscars on March 22 in a ceremony to be aired on the Independent Film Channel) and the nominees for the Broadcast Film Critics Choice Awards (which will be handed out on Jan.17 in a presentation to be aired on the E! channel on Jan. 18).

Here's a complete rundown on the winners and nominees in major categories.

Picture: "About a Boy" (AFI); "About Schmidt" (AFI, BFCA nom, LAFCA); "Adaptation" (AFI, BFCA nom); "Antwone Fisher" (AFI); "Catch Me If You Can" (BFCA nom); "Chicago" (AFI, BFCA nom); "Far from Heaven" (BFCA nom, IS nom, NYFCC); "Frida" (AFI); "Gangs of New York" (AFI, BFCA nom); "The Good Girl" (IS nom); "The Hours" (AFI, BFCA nom, NBR); "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" (AFI, BFCA nom); "Lovely and Amazing" (IS nom); "The Pianist" (Bos, BFCA nom); "The Quiet American" (AFI); "Road to Perdition" (BFCA nom); "Secretary" (IS nom); "Tully" (IS nom).

Actor: Adrien Brody ("The Pianist") (Bos); Daniel Day-Lewis ("Gangs of New York") (BFCA nom, LAFCA—tie, NYFCC); Graham Greene ("Skins") (IS nom); Danny Huston ("Ivans xtc.") (IS nom); Derek Luke ("Antwone Fisher") (IS nom); Jack Nicholson ("About Schmidt") (BFCA nom, LAFCA—tie); Jeremy Renner ("Dahmer") (IS nom); Campbell Scott ("Roger Dodger") (IS nom, NBR); Robin Williams ("One Hour Photo") (BFCA nom).

Actress: Jennifer Aniston ("The Good Girl") (IS nom); Maggie Gyllenhaal ("Secretary") (Bos, IS nom); Salma Hayek ("Frida") (BFCA nom); Catherine Keener ("Lovely & Amazing") (IS nom); Nicole Kidman ("The Hours") (BFCA nom); Diane Lane ("Unfaithful") (BFCA nom, NYFCC); Julianne Moore ("Far from Heaven") (BFCA nom, IS nom, LAFCA—also cited for "The Hours," NBR); Parker Posey ("Personal Velocity") (IS nom).

Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin ("Thirteen Conversations about One Thing") (Bos, IS nom); Chris Cooper ("Adaptation") (BFCA nom, LAFCA, NBR); Ray Liotta ("Narc") (IS nom); Alfred Molina ("Frida") (BFCA nom); Paul Newman ("Road to Perdition") (BFCA nom); Dennis Quaid ("Far from Heaven") (IS nom, NYFCC); John C. Reilly ("The Good Girl") (IS nom); Peter Weller ("Ivans xtc.") (IS nom).

Supporting Actress: Kathy Bates ("About Schmidt") (BFCA nom, NBR); Patricia Clarkson ("Far From Heaven") (NYFCC); Toni Collette ("About a Boy," "The Hours") (Bos); Viola Davis ("Antwone Fisher") (IS nom); Edie Falco ("Sunshine State") (LAFCA); Jacqueline Kim ("Charlotte Sometimes") (IS nom); Juliette Lewis ("Hysterical Blindness") (IS nom); Emily Mortimer ("Lovely & Amazing") (IS nom); Julianne Nicholson ("Tully") (IS nom); Meryl Streep ("Adaptation") (BFCA nom); Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Chicago") (BFCA nom).

Director: Pedro Almodóvar ("Talk to Her") (LAFCA); Joe Carnahan ("Narc") (IS nom); Todd Haynes ("Far from Heaven") (IS nom, NYFCC); Nicole Holofcener ("Lovely & Amazing") (IS nom); Phillip Noyce ("The Quiet American," "Rabbit-Proof Fence") (NBR); Roman Polanski ("The Pianist") (Bos, BFCA nom); Bernard Rose ("Ivans xtc.") (IS nom); Martin Scorsese ("Gangs of New York") (BFCA nom); Steven Spielberg ("Catch Me If You Can," "Minority Report") (BFCA nom); Gus Van Sant ("Gerry") (IS nom).

Screenplay: Hilary Birmingham, Matt Drake ("Tully") (IS nom); Nicole Holofcener ("Lovely & Amazing") (IS nom); Charlie Kaufman ("Adaptation," "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind") (BFCA nom; Bos and NYFCC—only cited for "Adaptation" with Donald Kaufman; NBR—also cited for "Human Nature"); Dylan Kidd ("Roger Dodger") (IS nom); Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor ("About Schmidt") (BFCA nom, LAFCA); Jill Sprecher, Karen Sprecher ("Thirteen Conversations about One Thing") (IS nom); Nia Vardalos ("My Big Fat Greek Wedding") (BFCA nom); Mike White ("The Good Girl") (IS nom).

Key: AFI=American Film Institute top film of the year; Bos=Boston Society of Film Critics; BFCA nom=Broadcast Film Critics Association nomination; IS nom=Independent Spirit Award nomination; LAFCA=Los Angeles Film Critics' Association; NBR=National Board of Review; NYFCC=New York Film Critics Circle