Fine-Tuning Your Audition Technique I

12:00 pm-1:30 – Room C998
Back by popular demand, casting directors Matthew Berry selects volunteers from the audience to perform a short monologue (under 3 minutes). After feedback from the CD, the actor makes the necessary adjustments and performs it again. Participants should come prepared with a monologue and will be chosen at random. (NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict, we have switched the schedule for this class with the one taught by Donna Morong. Please notify us immediately if you had already registered and need to make a change.)


-- Matthew Barry,
Casting Director ("The Notebook," "Alpha Dog," "Rush Hour 2")


Matthew Barry, Casting Director
Born in New York, Matthew was a successful actor, best known for starring in Bernardo Bertolucci's film "Luna." After many years of acting, he asked famed director Barry Levinson for a production job and was guided to the casting department.

Matthew has since spent nearly 20 years as a casting director, working with directors Tim Burton on "Ed Wood and "Mars Attacks"; Brett Ratner on the first two "Rush Hour" films and "Family Man"; Nick Cassavetes on "Unhook the Stars," "She's So Lovely," "John Q," "The Notebook," "Alpha Dog," and most recently "My Sister's Keeper"; and producer Jerry Bruckheimer on "Crimson Tide" (Tony Scott) and "Con Air" (Simon West).

Matthew's ability to spot and work with talent has allowed him to discover or break the careers of James Gandolfini and Philip Seymour Hoffman ("Money For Nothing"); Ryan Phillippe, Steve Zahn, Danny Nucci, and James LeSure ("Crimson Tide"); Don Cheadle ("Devil in a Blue Dress"); Dave Chappelle and Monica Potter ("Con Air"); Lucy Liu ("Shanghai Noon"); Dakota Fanning ("Tomcats"); Roselyn Sanchez ("Rush Hour 2"); Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook"); and Katt Williams ("Friday After Next"); to name just a few.