Flynt to Open Upscale Sex Shop in Fla.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (AP) -- Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt is expanding his pornography empire to South Florida, opening an upscale sex shop despite opposition from this city's mayor and others.

Hustler Hollywood is supposed to open Friday, and Flynt is scheduled to visit on Aug. 3.

"In every city we open a store there is always some politician who needs to showboat before his religious or conservative constituents about keeping us out," said Flynt, 61, who's currently on a national 19-city book tour.

Mayor Jim Naugle and city Commissioner Dean Trantalis had spearheaded an attempt to block Flynt by changing a city zoning law.

Currently "less than half" of a store's inventory can be sexually oriented if it's within 500 feet of a residential area. Otherwise, the city can shut it down.

Naugle and Trantalis wanted the ordinance changed so a store could be closed if a "substantial" amount of its inventory was of a sexual nature. But, after Flynt threatened to sue, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted against the notion.

Naugle says he won't be rolling out the red carpet for Flynt.

"I am not happy about Flynt coming into town and opening his store," Naugle said. "If he sends me an invitation where I have to call and RSVP, his phone is not going to ring."

Trantalis declined to comment.

Flynt insists that politicians know his Hustler Hollywood stores are not sex stores in the traditional sense.

"These are upscale shops where sexuality is presented in a clean, healthy, natural way, which is why 50 percent of our customer base are women," Flynt said.


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