The Food & Wine Festival Plus 2 More Atlanta Events

Photo Source: Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Food, wine, and twerking. It's this week's Atlanta Events Roundup.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival
Get ready to eat, drink, and indulge as the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival turns five this May 28-31. It’s a decadent weekend of Southern food and drink while exploring the traditions and global influences that make the South the destination for culinary explorers. This four‐day event is designed to lead guests on a culinary journey through the region with a weekend of Learning Experiences and Tasting Tents. Prices, including Southern-inspired dinners and events, begin at $45.

Modern Atlanta Dance Festival
The Modern Atlanta Dance Festival, now in its 21st year, will feature two nights of exceptional dance. Created by Douglas Scott and Full Radius Dance to showcase the diversity and excellence of the local dance scene, the MAD Festival strives to present the best of Georgia’s modern dance, allowing audiences to experience a variety of choreographers, techniques and artistic visions in a single evening.

The Real Twerk Olympics
There’s twerking, there’s the Olympics, and now there’s the Twerk Olympics—or more precisely, The Real Twerk Olympics, beginning Saturday, May 23 and lasting till 3:30 am Sunday or someone throws their back out. Women get in free till midnight and men till 11:00 p.m.