Get Casting Tips From a Marvel Studios Insider + More L.A. Events

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Photo Source: Courtesy Marvel/Walt Disney Studios

An actor’s life is largely about balance, so it’s important to mix in a little fun with your game elevation. Luckily, that includes some spooky moments this time of year; if that’s not your bag, we’ve got you covered with networking opportunities, helpful advice from industry vets, and an evening to LOL at the secret lives of actors IRL.

Revisit Hollywood’s past for All Hallows’ Eve.
Hollywood’s rich yesteryear history is omnipresent in Los Angeles. And as Halloween approaches, you may want to consider paying a visit to the Dearly Departed Museum to see a wealth of horrifying ephemera, including Mae West’s dentures and a piece of the car that bombshell Jayne Mansfield tragically died in. Then, take a tour to visit some of the most famous spots where local drama (think: Manson murders) unfolded. Our pick? The Tragical History Tour (every day at noon), which hits the hotspots of old-school Hollywood luminaries. ($60 for a tour; $5 add-on for the Museum of Unusual Artifacts)

Get casting pointers from a Marvel Studios pro.
Superhero flicks have never been more popular; actors regularly build their careers on action franchises like “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Doctor Strange,” and “Spider-Man.” One of the casting associates behind those Marvel Studios blockbusters and more is Jason B. Stamey (“Black Panther”). Join him at SAG-AFTRA Foundation on Oct. 23 as he shells out his hottest tips for nailing that next big audition. Come prepared with a monologue or a copy of a scene for the reader and questions, and your SAG-AFTRA Casting Access profile. (Free for members)

Celebrate women filmmakers.
Today, more than ever, filmmakers are using media to make big, bold statements. GlobalGirl Media (GGM) develops the voices of young women from underrepresented communities with digital media training and currently leads a summer intensive for aspiring femme-identifying filmmakers ages 14–22. Catch four new social-impact documentary shorts, plus a Q&A with the women behind the camera, as GGM teams up with Women’s Voices Now for one inspiring and empowering evening on Oct. 24. Even better? All proceeds from the event will benefit GGM’s scholarship fund. ($10)

Sneak a peek at other actors’ diaries.
Does the idea of someone reading your diary make your soul shrivel up inside your body? Well, not everyone feels the same: a few other actors are taking a flying leap of faith and reading from their own journals onstage at Dynasty Typewriter. The most recent bunch on the hook to share their most embarrassing secrets on Oct. 18? D’arcy Carden (“The Good Place”), Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (“American Horror Story,” “UnREAL”), and more. At the very least, you’ll feel better about your own cringe-worthy moments; but the best case scenario is gleaning insights into other actors’ lives and realizing that everyone is (painfully) human. ($10–15)

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