Get Scene With Jesse Malinowski

Photo Source: Courtesy Jesse Malinowski

“Acting is definitely my passion, but I love the entrepreneurial side of things, too. They are both a big part of my life and I don’t see either one leaving,” says Jesse Malinowski, actor and owner of Get Scene Studios. Jesse studied at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts before landing a role in “American Reunion” which filmed in Atlanta. While there, he saw the industry was steadily growing, and so relocated in 2011. Three years ago, Malinowski opened Get Scene Studios, which offers acting classes and workshops, while still pursuing his own acting dreams.

What is Get Scene Studios?
Get Scene Studios provides a space for actors to hone their craft and learn about the business of acting. In addition to classes and self-taping, we continuously bring in the top casting directors, agents, and directors so actors can get notes and critiques from people who are working in this business. I think that’s why Get Scene is so appealing—actors can get in front of people they otherwise would not have access to. And we get a lot of returning students, whether for the workshops or even the atmosphere. At the end of the day if I just continue to do a good job, the reputation will continue.

Tell us about your workshops.
We offer different types of workshops, ranging from commercial, improv, and self-taping, to workshops led by casting directors. All are for auditioning, because that is your job as an actor. So you do need to come in and learn. These guests who come in have a lot of knowledge in the industry.

What do you think makes a successful actor?
There is no “correct” answer, because each person has his or her own path. The biggest thing to me is mindset—being determined, positive, humble, and a hard worker. What so many actors forget is that being an actor is a business, it’s not just about booking jobs, it’s about being well rounded within the business, the networking, the craft, and all the auditions.

What makes an actor stand out from the competition?
This business is completely based on opinion. What one person loves the next might hate. You just need to be ready to adapt and apply notes for whatever situation you’re in, whether it be on set or auditioning. I think what makes someone stand out is truly understanding who they are and what their “type” is, and then being extremely confident within that.

Has running the studio help open doors for you?
I always thought there was a double-edge sword to that because I didn’t want casting directors to think of me as, “Jesse, the owner of Get Scene Studios” and forget that I’m an actor and want to book things, too. So I reached out to all them and said, “this is just one aspect of what I’m doing, this other thing is still very important to me.” So they’ve been able to separate Jesse the business owner from Jesse the actor.

What’s coming up nxt for Get Scene?
We’ll continue to make Get Scene the ideal place not only for actors but everyone in the film industry, whether it be casting directors, agents, or acting coaches.

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