8 Vocal Coaches to Know in NYC and L.A.

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A voice teacher can make or break your musical theater training. Here are eight vocal coaches (and 2014 Readers’ Choice finalists) who help students reach their performance—and career—goals each and every day!

David Brunetti
This New York–based teacher is known for his Meisner-based Acting Songs technique, which helps actors through vulnerable, honest, and emotionally grounded work. Says Brunetti of his teachings, “There’s nothing more moving than the truth.” Fans of Brunetti should also check out his “Acting Songs” book, which contains detailed descriptions of his process, from finding rhythm and following melody to grounding one’s gestures and focus.

Teri Danz
“America’s vocal coach” lives in L.A. and teaches singers of all levels easy and effective techniques to improve their singing voices, performance techniques, and confidence. Danz specializes in pop technique and vocal producing and has worked with a variety of recording artists, radio personalities, and performers, including comedian Greg Fitzsimmons and actor Taylor Handley.

Anthony Fontana, AMF Studios
This Los Angeles–based voice teacher (and working actor) teaches private voice lessons, piano lessons, and more to performers of all levels. Fontana creates a customized approach for each student, providing personalized and professional training that is individually focused.

Michael Jacobs, Michael Jacobs Vocal Studio
Jacobs teaches a wide variety of New York–based private voice lessons, taking a hybrid approach to vocal (and career) coaching. He pairs technical training with full body work (think yoga and Alexander Technique), breathing exercises, nutrition strategies, Linklater voice training, and more to create a performer who is healthy, happy, and singing at his or her best.

Badiene Magaziner, Badiene Magaziner Vocal Studio
A renowned New York instructor of Broadway performers, recording artists, and Tony Award winners, Magaziner is known for teaching “speech level singing.” The technique was originally developed by Magaziner’s teacher (and mentor) Seth Riggs, and emphasizes a mostly inactive—or “out of the way”—larynx. A former opera singer and Broadway performer herself, Magaziner has a long history of helping singers of all ages discover their own forms of vocal ease.

Steven Memel
L.A.-based Memel’s “The Science of Switching On” method is internationally recognized as a comprehensive approach to confident vocal performance. The technique has been used by top recording artists such as Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, and more, and claims to “take the chains off your voice and allow you the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.”

Kim Plumridge, MTB Studio
MTB Studio’s Plumridge is known for teaching a variety of classes in New York on subjects ranging from the foundations of acting to ongoing scene study classes, but her Freeing Your Voice with the Feldenkrais Method: Integrating Your Voice, Body, and Spirit course may be the best bet for those seeking vocal guidance. The technique releases physical and emotional tension from the actor’s core, creating a free, easy, and supported vocal instrument.

Sarah Reynolds, Sarah Reynolds Voice Studio
A professional singer herself, Reynolds takes a personalized, accessible, full-body approach to vocal training, coaching private students of all levels in repertoire building, diction, sight reading, and more. Her techniques reach L.A. singers across multiple genres, from rock and pop to opera and musical theater.

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