How to Handle a Meeting With an Agent or Manager

What’s a typical meeting with a prospective client like?
“A typical meeting is like a blind date: You sit down, make some pleasantries, then talk about what you want for the future. If I’ve seen someone at a showcase or in a show, we’ll obviously talk about that. Most important to me is getting a real sense of what the prospective client’s expectations are for his or her career, then determining whether or not I can help achieve the actor’s goals. If what the client wants is something I can address, then I feel it’s a good match. I took a meeting with someone who was making Web content. I ended up signing this person right away because I have extensive contacts in that branch of the industry and liked the actor’s stuff. That’s an example of a great match from an initial meeting.” - Edna Cowan, Edna Cowan Management, New York