Hear Weird Al Yankovic Cover 'The Schuyler Sisters' + More From 'Hamilton'

Fans of Broadway juggernaut “Hamilton” should look no further for the latest iteration of the hit musical. Weird Al Yankovic has teamed up with “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for “The Hamilton Polka,” a five-minute medley of some of the musical’s biggest showstoppers, remixed with a polka twist. Yankovic, armed with his unmistakable voice and bouncy accordion, has been a long-time admirer of Miranda’s, and the feeling is mutual.

“The Hamilton Polka” is the most recent of what are known as “Hamildrops,” a series of “Hamilton”-related content that includes covers by popular artists and original songs that were scrapped from the musical. This cover doesn’t miss a beat, infusing popular songs like “Wait For it” and “The Schuyler Sisters” with Yankovic's signature eclectic spin.

Take a listen for yourself below!

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