is troupe of nine comediennes headed up by the lovely and very funny hostess Penelope Lombard may have discovered the formula for the ideal sketch show: no men. It may sound outrageous, and the militant feminist strategy of this production could be a bit off-putting, but by all means go and experience one hour of the funniest comic showcases in L.A. in a long time. Producer Amy Simon has assembled an undeniably hilarious collection of brief one-man, er, one-"womyn" routines gathered from Acme, the Groundlings, and other venues around town. Just the privilege of watching Jane Lynch (who recently starred as the lesbian championship poodle trainer in Christopher Guest's Best in Show) entertain is worth the price of admission alone. In "The Gun To Shoot Me," Lynch delivers another riotously funny turn as a down-and-out guitarist flying solo after two of her ex-lifelong partners ran off together to become lifelong partners of their own. Then there's Audrey Rapoport's grotesque caricature of a boozed-up, doped-up Minnie Mouse lounge act in the after-hours bar at Disneyland in "A Rat's Ass." Rapoport's crude, crass delivery is fresh, wild, and eerily reminiscent of Liza Minnelli on a not-so-good day.Kathleen M. Darcy adds to the comic bliss with "Choir Practice," in which she plays an aging, bitter, and sexually frustrated music teacher who schedules her yearly gynecologic visits during the holidays to give herself an extra-special lift. Molly O'Leary takes us to the home of the Queen Mum in "A Walk in the Gardens," in which she spends a lot more time thinking about past romantic flings than she does about the jacarandas. In Africa, this Dame Eleanor Pennyweather had a brief but steamy affair with a man named Click-Click-Clock. Lisa Malone brings to life a fascinating poker dealer with a most unusual dialect in "Guadalajara." Aliza Murrieta scores with a pretty accurate portrayal of the Orange County underachiever in "Mornings Become Lana." And Stefane Zamorano creates the ultimate sex-crazed sketch in "Dr. Gordon," as she desperately tries to get enough. But then again, what is this word "enough"?Lombard ties the evening together as she prepares a recipe inspired by the Bush administration: the simple and delightfully right-wing "ghosts in the graveyard" involves pudding, whipped cream, and Milano cookies with names written on them. On the night reviewed, tombstones were handed out to John Ashcroft, Elizabeth Taylor, and Temptation Islan