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‘Hidden Figures’ Inspired the State Department + More Industry News

Photo Source: Hopper Stone

“Hidden Figures” has inspired a State Department education program.
After screening the film at almost 80 locations overseas, a new publicly funded exchange program called #HiddenNoMore will bring 50 women from 50 different countries who work STEM fields to the U.S. to meet with universities, Girl Scouts, and other organizations. (THR)

Disney is leaving Netflix.
And starting its own streaming service. Starting in 2019, the company will launch a direct-to-consumer streaming service. (CNBC)

Justice for Laura Dern!
Though the actor was up for the presidency of the Academy of Motion Pictures, she lost the position to dark horse John Bailey, a cinematographer. Had she won, Dern would have made history as only the second actress to hold the position in 76 years. Bette Davis was the first. (THR)

Maybe rethink that theater degree...
After borrowing almost $75,000 to attend Harvard's A.R.T. Institute 12 years ago, Katieorse Donohue, an actor living in L.A., still owes more than $50,000 despite never missing a payment and working regularly. (New York Times)

“Insecure” is hella renewed.
The HBO show is coming back for a third season. (Twitter)

There’s always money in the minions.
The “Despicable Me” franchise is now the top-grossing animated movie franchise of all time, worldwide. Turns out villainy and cute yellow beings are worth a lot. (Deadline)

The set of “Claws” is pretty much unlike any other set, ever.
During an episode of “Chelsea,” Niecy Nash explained how unique the set of her new show is as far as diversity and females in power. Watch the clip below, but also watch the entire episode because it features some Nash brilliance on progress. “I love seeing my black and brown sisters on TV—but there are so many other women in the world besides black and white women. Whose stories are not being told.”

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