Do I Really Have to Spend $400+ on Headshots Every Few Years?

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Cost of headshots?
Hello everyone! The last time I had some headshots made was back in 2016 for the cost of about $400. Do I have to go and spend $400 to have new headshots made each time that I may look a little different every few years or so? Anyone know of any different methods or alternatives or of some good places where I could get cheaper headshots made? I’m in Long Island. Thanks in advance!” —Actingdan

NYC management?
“Hi everyone! I am posting here to hopefully get some of your insight. I am a working NYC actor and I’ve been booking some but I am still agent/manager-less. I’ve tried submitting to agencies consistently but it seems like most of them are extremely backed up from COVID and just everything else. I am interested in turning my attention to management but I am not as familiar with the options and reputations of those companies! If anyone is willing to make some suggestions of management companies worth checking out, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks :)” —Ingenuewithanagenda

Voiceover classes in NYC?
“Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for voiceover classes in NYC? Preferably ones that don’t just cater to absolute beginners. Any suggestions?” —Missyoucantsinghere

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