How to Avoid Being Generic When Applying for Gigs

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Photo Source: Nechama Leitner

Backstage helped actor Ana Capella book a lead role in the feature film “Menagerie,” in which she plays a character who inspired her from the very first read.

She’s driven by the challenge.
“I was very drawn to the opportunity to play a character like Maria, someone so far from the types I usually get cast as. I was lured into the project by the challenge of understanding someone like her.”

The more specific, the better.
“[For every application,] I sit down and try to put into words my excitement about working on their project. I make it a point that the cover letters are all individual to the project I am applying to and that [they] speak of the person that I am. It’s like acting itself—you don’t want to fall into being generic.”

Backstage gives you control.
“On Backstage, you can manage all your info and updates [on your own]. It’s a flat rate, too. And I love flicking through the paper magazine, fishing for all sorts of tips.”

Backstage can lead to more than jobs.
“I have taken part in several industry-based events advertised through Backstage; one got me an audition for a play, and through the other, I got myself signed up with a commercial agent!”

Don’t compare your success to others’.
“I think that success, as with everything else in life, is relative. It depends on who you compare your success to. I am learning to compare mine to my own and acknowledge the goals I set for myself that have been accomplished. We need to learn to be grateful, encouraging, and gentle to ourselves in the smallest of achievements.”

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