How to Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

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Photo Source: Scott Hallenberg

“I got an alert from Backstage about this project [for which] I fit the male lead role,” recalls NYC actor Paul Anthony Sonnier Jr., who went on to book that gig in feature film “The Tale of a Corporate Slave.”

Don’t just meet the minimum.
“I submit as soon as possible with everything they ask for [and] a little about who I am and where I am to make sure I’m seen. I also use all the tools on Backstage that are available to me, whether it’s reading articles or watching videos.”

Never stop learning.
“Keep training and stay persistent. Always find a way to work on your craft, to get better and learn from others who have made it. Compile all the knowledge that you can and figure out the best way to use it.”

Backstage is for connection.
“[Backstage is] a very valuable tool for me as an actor to be able to see projects, submit, and contact others in the industry. I feel it connects us.”

The project has a purpose. 
“I wanted to be involved in this project because it was a different role than I’ve played in the past. The concept of the project is how people are materialistic, slaves working a 9-to-5 [job] to keep up their appearance, not living their dreams. [The film] shows the ways they get sucked deeper and deeper into what society tells them they should be.”

Success is when opportunity meets preparedness.
“I would tell [other actors] to be patient. It takes time, so give it that. Use all the tools that are available to you on the site. Set up your profile so that it shows you and what you can do, and constantly stay submitting—and the right auditions and roles will come to you just like they do in person.”

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