How to Cancel Out L.A.’s Noise + Focus on the Work

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Photo Source: Ivonne Brady

Los Angeles–area actor Takaya Abdou Lloyd uses Backstage every day to book gigs that provide new opportunities while also expanding his network.

An acting gig can beget new skills.
“One of my favorite things about acting is learning or utilizing a specific skill that becomes the centerpiece of a character or story. I’ve been playing drums on and off for a few years, but [feature film ‘Summertime Dropouts’] gave me the opportunity to really focus and be surrounded by music.”

Make the bold choice. 
“I actually ate watermelon during one of [my audition] scenes, which is totally goofy—but I wanted to do something different that still made sense, so I just went with my gut. There’s a pun in there somewhere.”

Backstage makes your submissions unique. 
“If you’re applying to a smaller project, the director or producer is usually reviewing submissions directly. Those are the people who make the final decision on whether or not you get cast. When submitting on Backstage, you get the opportunity to write a message—use it!”

Imbue your work with personal experience. 
“I’m from a diverse background; my mom is Egyptian and my dad is Japanese and Italian…. I write and create a lot of original work, so I always try to focus on diverse characters or highlight something culturally.”

There is no shortcut for hard work.
“I think it’s important to have a goal and only do things that help you work toward achieving it. There’s a ton of noise and distractions here [in L.A.]. Just keep your head down and work hard. Be genuine, do your best on every opportunity you get, and take risks. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.”

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